Alligators are also called gators. They are reptiles. They are cold-blooded. They like to sleep in the sun to keep them warm.

The oldest gator in the Okefenokee was named Oscar. He was almost 100 years old when he died. He was 13 feet long.

After he died in 2007, his skeleton was put on display in the Swamp Park.

Alligators like to eat small mammals and fish. Sometimes they drag their food under the water to drown it. They have very strong jaws and can bite hard.

Do not ever try to feed an alligator. If you see one, just back away slowly.

Alligators lay eggs. When the baby alligators hatch, their mother takes care of them for about a year.

Alligators make strange sounds.  They have short legs, but they can run fast on land. They have long, strong tails that help them swim in the water.